John Arthur Lewis is a Swedish Songwriter, Composer, Filmmaker and actor. He started playing drums and guitar at the age of 6. John Arthur Lewis grew up in Stockholm, Sweden and in Greece. He played in different bands and wrote songs thru his whole childhood.

John Arthur Lewis studied music in high school and at Skeppsholmens Folkh√∂gskola, Musiklinjen in Stockholm. He kept writing songs and performed in theaters and on music stages in Sweden and in the US.

John Arthur Lewis moved to Los Angeles in 1994 to study music at Musicians Institute of Technology. After graduation he moved to the UK to write songs for, radio, commercials, bands, shows and theatre plays.

John Arthur Lewis has been involved in many music projects. He writes music for films, commercials, TV and radio. John Arthur Lewis is also a filmmaker and director and has made several short movies and commercials for Television and social media.

In april 2019 John Arthur Lewis composed the song "By Your Side" to help the organization Vid Din Sida

VDS works and supports the elderly and homeless people in Stockholm

All the money will go to the organization VDS so that they can continue the important work to help and support our homeless and elderly citizens.

In April and May 2019 John Arthur Lewis released three singles and June 1 the fourth single.

John Arthur Lewis has released five solo albums and over 20 singles. He works with Management & Entertainment Sweden and Lower 48 Studios.

July 6, 2016


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